Meet George: the Amazing Oriental.

06 mei 2021

This is George, smiling and nodding while he tries to understand most of the Dutch conversation that is happening at the office. In tonight’s Crowd in the Wild, we are going to discover this new addition to Crowdmedia.

N.E.R.D. George prefers its habitat quiet, tidy, with abundant natural light, and a stable Wi-Fi connection. (Caution! Insufficient bandwidth may result in George’s self-harm behavior and homicidal thoughts.) He is usually found in a solitary state, yet he would join a group from time to time for social purposes. Though a nocturnal creature, George displays most indoor behaviors such as gaming (RPG and action), reading (sci-fi and fantasy), cooking, Netflix and chill (non-reproductive purpose) and shower singing. Most recently, you can also find him staring outside of the window on a train, migrating between Zwolle and Groningen. George feeds on witty thoughts, laughter, unique stories, satire, and jokes that only he thinks are funny. It is because of this diet, he has developed the tendency to see the world differently and act abnormally. As a result, he is often described as weird, quirky or odd. But that doesn’t bother him at all, he is rather proud of it. 

“Sorry Mama, I chose dessert.” In 1989, George was first discovered on a tropical island, Taiwan, by the aboriginals called Mama and Dada when he came out of a tunnel. At the early stage, George displayed talents in both art and science. However, back in the days, the aboriginals believed that learning art is a sign of weakness in natural selection. 

“Art is dessert. You can’t live on dessert.” 


Therefore, George spent most of his early growth stage learning science while practicing art under the table. Still, no matter how much George shined in the field of science, Mama and Dada started to see signs of depression and unhappiness in George. Eventually, in the event of College Selection in 2007, George was blessed by Mama and Dada and officially started his journey in art and design with a smile. Throughout his adventure in the concrete jungle of Taipei from 2013-2018, George developed himself with visual storytelling skills such as illustration, animation, and motion graphics for commercial purposes. Still, he dreamed about the world outside of the island, a more exciting adventure.

Orange is the New Chapter. In the Great Dutch Migrant in 2018, due to his fondness of Dutch creativity and open-mindedness, George relocated to Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen. There, he further strengthened his interest in creative visual storytelling as well as humor in modern media. In 2020, when George was scheduled to be released back to the Dutch wild, someone unexpectedly showed up and slapped George right on his face.

“Here is… Johnny!” 

– Covid-19

Fortunately, after months of relentless searching, with an unusual motivation letter and uncanny like-mindedness, George has finally found the right crowd, The Crowd. One month has passed, he already seems to feel at home even though the occasional confetti cannon still startles him. Now you can find George creating motions, generating creative storytelling ideas, and repeating the same Dutch sentence: “Sorry, kun je het langzaam herhalen?” again and again at the Crowdmedia office.

Feel free to drop by Crowdmedia and play with this amazing oriental! Hey you, no flash photography!